What Is Pure Icariin Extract & Which Icariin Is The Best?

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To have found this article we can safely assume that you have been wondering what exactly pure icariin extract is and how to find the best icariin extract to give you all those great sexual health benefits that this natural herb is so well known for. Well you are in the right place as the following article will break down the in's and out's of this flavonoid contained within the popular health supplement called Horny Goat Weed. 

Most of us men have seen the name Horny Goat Weed either in our local health store or at a brisk pace when staggering in and out of the pub/club toilets, however there's more to this health supplement than initially meets the eye!

Before we go into what pure icariin is and what makes one icariin extract better than another, we will firstly breakdown what icariin is and what the benefits of icariin are for those who may have less knowledgeable of us.

What Is Icariin & How Does It Benefit Sexual Health?

Right, so the science and biology behind icariin in terms of how it helps the sexual function especially of men is down to two different actions in which icariin has on the human body, one being the boosting of 'Nitric Oxide' levels and the other action being the increasing of the natural circulation of 'Testosterone' around the body improving overall testosterone delivery.

A boost in Nitric Oxide is vitally important for healthy male erectile function because Nitric Oxide acts as a chemical transmitter of blood delivery to the penis tissue, hence if Nitric Oxide production becomes somewhat impaired then the blood won't be delivered to the penis in it's full capacity, leaving a man with a soft penis even when sexually stimulated! Well the good news is that pure standardized icariin is the No.1 natural booster of Nitric Oxide levels and so when icariin extract is dosed over an extended period, it will boost up your Nitric Oxide levels to what they were when at their peak.

Now your thinking well that's great but how does the increased Testosterone help out in the equation? Well Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and this big fellow is responsible for such health aspects as strong sexual desire (sex drive) and healthy production of sperm too. These two factors are far beyond shrinking violets, after all what is the point in having a nice healthy erection if you don't feel the need to make love to your partner. Pure icariin of a good quality will have your free circulating testosterone hormones back to a healthy level, meaning that you will once again feel the desire to carry your partner to bed and enjoy the best thing in life!

Because icariin encompasses both of the above it not only vastly improves erectile function but also increases the sex drive on a mental and physical level and this is why Horny Goat Weed has its well known reputation for being the all-in-one sexual health supplement for men of all ages and with almost any nature of sexual health impairment.

What Is Pure Icariin & Which Icariin Extract Is The Best Quality?

Right so we now have a firm grasp on how what icariin is and how it works, next let's look at purity and the difference between a top quality extract and the low quality ones.

The Horny Goat Weed plant is extracted to contain varying levels of icariin content which means that for example some products are produced to contain only 10% of actual icariin flavonoids, whilst others are extracted to contain 100% pure icariin. So on this basis alone one would naturally jump to the conclusion that they should go out and buy some 100% pure icariin extract, well hold your horses as things aren't quite as simple as that. The reason for this lack of simplicity in buying the highest percentage of icariin extract comes down to one key area of importance with any plant extract and the active elements within, this area is referred to as 'standardization'. In terms of plant extracts, 'standardization' relates to a finished quality of active elements and is essentially a guarantee of those active elements. There is a reason why most herbal supplements aren't all simply extracted down to contain 100% of their beneficial active ingredient, in fact almost none are and the reason for this is because if a plant extract is stripped of its natural chemical structure it can be rendered entirely inactive and ineffective! The same rule applies with icariin.

For this very occurrence of over-extraction, icariin can only be standardized in percentages from 10% to 60%, if you see any extracts of percentages within the 70% to 100% range then steer clear, as unfortunately these extracts whilst very pure will be almost certainly very much ineffective. The the very best guaranteed purity of icariin you should always stick to the 10% to 60% strengths as these have full standardization and zero loss of effectiveness.

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